Hounds of Love (cd bonus tracks)

so i find hounds of love in the landlady's record collection, which i am excited about, and put it. a few familiar singles in, and i'm loving it - just mad enough, just 80s enough, hanging together lovely. as the album goes on, i find it gets madder and madder, goes all folksy and then starts repeating songs. it goes on too long and i get bored of it.
because it's the cd. there's at least three sides worth of vinyl here - the original album, plus bonus tracks. it's bad enough having those two sides of vinyl on the same cd - but having bonus tracks on the same disc just made the music keep going until i was sick of it.
Pink Floyd (what's left of them) just won an injunction against EMI to stop them selling tracks from their albums individually; they wanted each work to be available as a whole, not as fragments to pick and choose.
please, record companies: include a bonus disc for remixes and b-sides. leave the album as it was meant to be. it's precious.
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