cd shop family trees

i was just looking up fopp on wikipedia, wondering if they still had their store in edinburgh (for some reason) after they went into administration.

i was reminded that their troubles began when they over-extended and bought music zone, which was another local start-up that had gone national. i didn't realise they bought music zone because mz had gone into administration themselves.

what really surprised me is that music zone had gone into admin after over-extending and buying MVC (remember them?), who had been created by ex-our price staff who left when woolworths bought them. our price was of course a virgin media company. our price got rebranded as v-shops, selling all kinds of virgin media, with an insane way of ordering cds over instore-internet terminals. why would you leave the house to buy cds online?

our price was sold to an autralian company and rebranded (for 8 million) as 'sanity'. they sank without a trace.

The virgin megastores then became zavvi in an incredibly poorly-timed management buyout, that left the zavvis all over the country re-opening as bargain sportswear outlets.

HMV tidied up by not 'selling out', accusing their prospective buyer of undervaluing them, then cherry-picking prime fopp and zavvi branches that didn't compete with their own stores. they're also expanding into live music venues.

I mean, i just wanna buy some borking cds.
what was that thing about extreme environments leading to low biodiversity?
what was that thing about the world being a massive buffet?

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Grill said...

The Fopp in Edinburgh still exists, yes.