mic standing

i bought a mic stand the other day. lovely and chrome, it crouches next to my amp, craning round so that it's virtually kissing the cone. over the years, i've used positioned mics in pringles tubes, mini-bins, held in place under books or poking out of drawers, i've had to sing into a moving target, p'haps using a sock as a pop shield.

no more.

it's taken me so long to buy this one simple piece of kit that will do me no end of good. it just never seemed like a priority, but what a miser i was being. i'm quite happy with it now, but if only i had anything to record. well, i do, it's just not come together yet.

also, in my continuing re-development of this blog, i've added direct links to streams of the last two albums on over there ->
so if you've not got them yet, like luke, you can listen to every minute in crappy 128kbs sound from anywhere in the world without downloading anything.
if anyone would like to contribute tags &c, have a go at doing up my profile or something, that would be quite nice.

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