girlfirend experience press release

the girlfriend experience are dj gallow slutt and mc format, better know under as grilly and drumbo, or under the psuedonyms (XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX) and ed boucher, and will be recording their robust first mini album 'lock the taskbar' over the coming month in fits and starts between other projects.

the album will compromise soft jazz-flocked love ballads, as interepreted by socially inadequte artificial intelligence gradutes.

the tracklisting will provisionally be as follows:

1. circumscised *
2. car park song #
3. tagic love company [working title] $
4. meanwhile back in communist missippi (interlude) *
5. pavannah capricho &
6. love (dub) $
7. boom goes lovergirl #

* boucher/griliopoulos
# boucher
$ griliopoulos
& albeniz

every track will feature guest appearances from talented members of the fraternity (i.e you, probably).

the album will be complemented by the free downloaded only double a side:
a. phobos anomoly (id)
aa. ken's theme (capcom)

we hope that the record will attract major label attention (i.e. ex libris).

the music's nearly written, but lyrics are stil mainly in the conceptual stage and will be fleshed out over time. i don't know about the songwriting devision either, but it looks pretty and professional on paper. i'm hoping to have the 'klein bottle wanking girl' image i've had in my head for the cover, if that's ok ed? oh, and sorry for describing you as 'socially inadequate' but i thought we had to show a unified front..
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