aaron mcmullen

well blow me away. sorry, i'll start again.

there i was, downloading the rough mix of what has now become widely known as 'situation tradgedy', a piece of doom-folk destined for the 1-track e.p. 'hell on earth' under the psuedonym 'david c. griliopoulos', when i've tweaked it a bit (it needs woodwind), so i hyperlink over to the top secret ex-libris drop box, and find it in the middle of screen grabs of audio files and what looks like rushes from the new aaron mcmullen album, which is always an event worth celebrating (despite the fact i never got around to downloading the last one due to disk spaces shortages, which i will never have again once my 500 gb arrives this week). this one is especially worth celebrating as it's his ex libris debut, with andy fiddling away once aaron's done his one guitar and vocal take. and omfg it's brilliant. it's the slickest most professional thing i've heard from the colerabby studios. the next day at work they're in my head all day and i can't wait to get home and listen to them again. it's especially exciting because the last time i heard any of the mixes, they were at a very early stage and i wasn't too impressed. but now they sound so.. so radio!

so yeah, well done andy.

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laurence said...

you'd think.. but i'm sure there's a law that states no matter how much space you have you'll fill it