i don't know where to start.

the weekend was wierd, and i've been mood swingy recently.

i stayed in on friday out of poverty and apathy, went to bed early and fell asleep reading 'the tombs of atuan', part two of ursula le guin's earthsea trilogy (which would be a rock-solid base for a mmorpg). literally fell asleep; as in, woke up with the light on and books and shit fallen of the side of the bed.

no hang on, i went out on friday. the PA at work was leaving, she'd found her dream job, in educational publishiing, nonetheless, so we went out for last night drinks, of sparse but nice conversation. we had to get chips in the pub because we were sat right in front of the extractor fan and it was terribly cold. she drove me home about 11. i offered her my hand as i was getting out of the car and she didn't seem to know what to do with it. 'what's the handshake for' she asked or somethin, i can't remember it's all lost in a futile sea of mild anger.

got up, washed, and went to ed's to start recording the girlfriend experience sessions;put down two drum tracks and worked out a bit. it was a bit disappointing i suppose, but only because my expectations were too high (tautology warning! this is in fact, the entire human experience). we have dropped 'pavana capricho' in favour of situation tragedy (check it out). and yes, that is a dub remix of love. track listing's not fixed of course. we had a malaysian take out, which was also a bit disappointing. not the explosive sambal sensation i was hoping for. went home and slept some more. woke up to a terrible dream - it was the groucho marx party, and i was telling my mum i wanted to kill myself. it must have been anxiety about starting the PA job. it totally ruined my day, which i decided to waste playing oblivion as a theif, under the suggestion thta this was akin to playing 'thief' the game, which it never quite became, but then i only played it for a day. went to bed at nine. dreampt of a certain welsh girl, which was nice, ad went to work.

then we went to see bobby mcgees/plantpot, but i can't be bothered to type anymore tonight.
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