why are iraqians obsessed with winning?

because second is falujas!

in other news, there's a sign next to the job centre, pointing south, that says:

St. James St.

of course it does. it would do. but it does.

it doesn't matter if it's raining outside, because the log blog is running again.

last night we went round the nextdoor neighbour's house for some beers. two four packs of carling between us, dressed up like it was an OIOI! stag night. flourescent comedy afro wigs, gay pride whistles, and with a heyhey! get this shit off the stereo! check out some party tunes! verse shouts before ejecting their cd onto the floor and putting on some BANGING TUNES! and throwing our hands straight up in the air cause we don't care.

they say twelve people live next door; this should explain why i never recognise any of them.

last night, the next door neighbours invited us round some some beers, but we couldn't even our legs into gear and go round. it was ten o'clock before we realised.
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