two weeks in the life of...

who's side are you on, boys?

for our protection, apparently.

i can't believe i didn't blog:

my week in an internet company, for which all i got was a golden farewell and the BT hold music stuck in my head.

our dinner party, which was a proper dinner party on two counts: there were so many people some didn't know others, and there were so many people, that people who we didn't realise knew each other turned out to know each other after all. three tins of soyherd's pie, tommy's broad beans, vicky's beetroot/yogurt salad (of which our fridge and now kitchen still stinks [not that the original dish stank {not that i tried it}]), plus rachel's lovely rice.

gay pride/hiroshima memorial day. this started meeting simon in the duke of york's cinema, where we had to lie about our status as parents/gaurdians to get into kid's club to watch kiki's delivery service. when we came out the parade was going past beautifully, and i really did feel proud to live in a country where homosexuals can vote. after lunch, we walked upto preston park and stared at all the unattainable girls. if anyone knows any butch psudeo-lesbians, can they please tell simon? don't worry about me. i'm properly close to giving up, to the point where i'm avoiding opportunities to meet new people, such as the next-door neighbours. preston park was pretty rubbish; just a big carnival. some rides, some market stalls, some army recruitment centres; it seems you're only as gay as the t-shirt you're wearing. i suppose there was nothing there except 'queer mutiny' of any interest to me, except jo from valerie, who, unbelivably, i didn't feel like saying hello to, as she rushed past me in the street. but then everything i know about gay culture is from the artists of irrk records, so don't take my word for it.

we make money, not art.

the creation of dj gallow slutt 's remix of dandy o'howitzer's ;my superb;, which you can hear here (when it's grinding through myspac's machinery). in the meantime, listen to the original here. i'm now working on the proper demo version of 'klein bottle fish tank', after which, 'purple milk', and then maybe a remix of the bobby mcgee's 'no friends'. we'll see.

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