what kind of magic spell to use?

What do i do with my weekend? if i stay in brighton, there's bat for lashes on friday, then a celebration of the excellent charlottefield on saturday. both gigs are so scene, i could get my face in all the right places. however, friday is also alexander's housewarming and everyone's invited. it would be great to go up for the night, but hey, why not the whole weekend, after all my big bro lives up there, as do a great deal of my friends, and to cap the deal off, zabrinski have a free gig with sfa djing on sunday night. i've been dying to see zabrinski again since they supported gorky's four years ago, but we're always at opposite ends of the country what a frustrating state of affairs! i'm quite sure i'm veering towards london. i just haven't told anyone up there yet.

laurence has a new bar of soap, and it's chocolate flavour. chocolate soap! it was so great when i first smelt it. mm, chocolatey. chocolatey, but inevitably, still soap. see, at first i was excited that this soap was so chocolately, but quite quickly i relaised that underneath that smell was still soap. chocolatey soap may sound appealing, but what if i said soapy chocolate? sounds disgusting now. it reminds me of lee and herring's conversation about pouring melted chocolate over your lovers genitals. stew explained how this would make their genitals taste better, but rich obviously said how it would surely just make the chocolate taste worse. this is the same thing. it smells of good chocolate, and soap, and the combo ain't too pretty.

i've created a new game too: runny shithead (laur's title). this is normal shit head, but as well as playing doubles and triples of cards, you can also play runs of the same suit, and then combine the two rules to make super-power combos, such as 4 of clubs, 4 of diamonds, 5 of diamonds, 6 of diamonds, 6 of hearts, 7 of hearts.. and then end on a special card for a hyper-combo for extra xps.
it has been noted how i try to turn everything into an rpg. but it's just more fun that way.

i've a new blog, which i hope to run in conjunction with anyone who wants to join (preliminary invites are out to a lucky few): world o' shit. so hopefully you'll never see me whinging about consumer crap stuff on this site again.

had my interview at co-op today (wednesday). the man who interviewed me seemed really nice - he's a psychology student himself, and knows nathan off my course. we chatted, bonded a little, skipped the stupid questions.. my kind of interview. evenings and weekends though.. actually it's a great idea. i can be working but be desperately wanting a different job at the same time, and still have the time to hunt for work, which would be really healthy.

wish me luck?
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