mixtape 2: imposium

so, here's mix 2, then. tracklist, as ever, in the mp3 comments tag.

I feel now, since i'm repeating a few artists from mix 1 (scott hull, kow otani, RHF) that i should talk about that, and talk about the artists i've chosen.

basically these mix tapes are 'what i'm listening to at the moment' so don't be surprised/alarmed if the same old names keep cropping up - especially the genghis tron remixes. there's just too many good ones. I've been buying a fair stack of cds recently - sometimes listening through, picking out the best tracks and sticking them on mixes for my own benefit is the best way for me to sort my head out. each mix has one or two 'seed' tracks that i really really love, and other tracks from newer and older records occur to me as i hear them. my one rule though is to always listen to an album through before ripping it. sometimes this is quite hard to stick to - the landlady, reasonably, doesn't appreciate the heavier stuff blaring out while she's trying to unwind - so i might rip a record to listen to on the walkthing.

so you should see that this carries on fairly well from mix 1; starts ambiently soundtracky, couple of lofi songs in there, two radically different bach pieces, goes a bit electronic towards the end. next time will be different, but i won't bother that with you now. please try to enjoy this for the next two weeks, and let me know if i'm overloading you...

please help the disabled remix 3
Scott Hull - Santificato [End Titles]
Kow Otani - The Farthest Land
Dan & Dan - The Daily Mail Song
Glenn Gould - Variation 10 Fughetta
Quadrilles - That Home Made Taste
Christopher Lee - Act 3. The Bloody Verdict Of Verden
RHF - Album 2, track 11
Mushi Mushi - The Dietary Habits of the Byker Pigeon
Genghis Tron - Board Up The House (Steve Moore Remix)
John Eliot Gardiner - Mass in B minor -I- Kyrie - Kyrie eleison
IM Rawles - Please Help The Disabled

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