epiphany 12

well, 12 is a guess. but it was a pretty amazing moment.

my last epiphany was listening to naked city. about halfway through one of their albums, at stratford station i think, it suddenly struck me in the head - quite a lot like pkdick described it actually, being beamed into your head from another galaxy - that all i wanted to play was jazz. my brain was freaking out on the sweet, pure, free music and it wanted that moment to last for all time.

this time was a little different. again i was listening to music - this time to the code666 record described in the previous post. i was walking to work, and the track 'chained in the damnation asylum' by the axis of perdition was kicking my head in. the lyric "let your mind cling feebly to your pre-concieved notions of reality"; and something happened.

something related to the tree of life poster on the wall behind me, previously in the sleep room, and related also to the denoument of my 'Kno' project; the island city of Kno being razed to the ground by a 4-D colossal giant squid.

i thought of the birds, singing in the trees around newbury park. black birds, blue tits, finches. and i just saw them as tendrils of the one great 4D squid of life on this planet. each evolutionary stable form is an info-tentacle, impercetably splitting off from it's sibling species but ultimately forming it's own distinct arm. the squid that has its tail in the primordial soup and its furthest reaches no-one knows where. the auto-phagic crustacean with some of it's arms photosynthesising, passing nutrients onto it's other arms, a complex system of suckers and open wounds. it overlaps and intertwines with itself, it's form can only be seen from tralfamadore.

it was a great moment.
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