going on and on about dr who

So on friday night, getting home after the gig (which i'm sure i'll promise to blog about at some point), the landlady and i fired up the internet to watch the latest episode of dr who - how would the new dr get out of the cliffhanger ending he was left in last week?
So there we were watching away, while i kept getting up to check on the food in the oven (canneloni and chips at 2am is boss). i didn't need it paused, i reckoned, because i could hear what was going on. except that i kept missing what was going on, and realised that, actually, it didn't matter, because dr who doesn't make any sense anyway.
now, dr who not making any sense is hardly news, barely even 'the happs', and that's part of it's joy. pointing out plot holes and inconsistancies in dr who episodes is no fun - a show that has a sonic screwdriver,with no obviously defined powers other than it sometimes simply doesn't work, is clearly innit fo the luls (i mean, you think he'd have two, because then one could always fix the other... or is that the only thing it can't fix? and if so, why not have the super sonic screwdriver that can fix the sonic... aha infite recursive loop). but i found that it led me to not caring about what was actually happening in th'episode - when i got back, the scene might have changed, one tricky situation had been replaced by another, and did it matter? did i ask 'what happened while i was away?' well no, because whatever had happened wouldn't have made any more sense than what i had experienced, which was a simple cut between one scene and the next. how did the dr solve that one? well, for all it mattered he might as well have pissed in a jar and thrown it at the aliens, it transpiring that 'the dr has killer piss, not that we've ever mentioned it before' or something.
it's not that dr who isn't tremendous fun, it's just by being wildly inconsistent and made up on the spot, while part of the enjoyment, makes me not actually care about the story or characters at all. and then i stopped enjoying it as much, because i'd missed bits and not been bothered enough to know what had happened. i suppose it's like (check what i do here) the opposite of those stone angels; while you're watching it, it's alive, but as soon as you turn away it stops existing and you forget all about it.
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