email to alex parks from 15th october, 2006 that i never sent

i wrote this after meeting alex parks in a pub while watching girls girls girls; i had literally no idea who she was but luke instantly recognised her, being somewhat obsessed with her. we talked about music and i said i was looking for a singer to collaborate with; she gave me her email address, which luke bugged me for ages to try and get off me - 'just to know what it is' - which i didn't give into.

anyway, i just want this out of my drafts folder, but i don't want to delete it, so here it is.
hi alex,
sorry it's taken me so long to email you, but inbetween looking for work and wasting time.. well that's a reason, not an excuse. i met you a couple of thursdays ago in leonards, chatted about making music... i don't really know where to start.. probably by linking to my stuff on the internet, or sending you a cd. i got a myspace like every other fool out there - but i have a lot more music on my soundclick page (i've got to sort myself out with a proper website, i've been promising me for years) listen to my albums here or individual songs here.

i don't think i can explain what i want out of a band - i've typed out a couple of awful paragraphs trying and i can't get it right. my broadest wish is to have enjoy it, and the best way to do that is to be a very good. i want to make fun music, but there are other ways of bei

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