day wreck

woke at ten after nightmares, in some part about what to put in the exhaust vent in 'time gentlemen please!'. my dreaming brain decided: mice.

showered. at half ten, i remembered i had to be at docklands campus at 11 to get some documents copied. checked the route on TFL, who repeatedly gave me directions to london metropolitan university, until i resorted to putting the post code in. it said it would take an hour and gave me all sorts of wacky 5-change journies. i thought, 'ach i'll just get the d6 to poplar and get the dlr from there.'

walked past a dead black cat, tastefully covered by a wheetabix box, on the way to the bus stop, while the d6 sailed by in front of me. waited ten minutes for the next one.

by 11 oclock i'm on the bus, hands being licked by a dog that's either a massive puppy (irish wolf hound perhaps?) or just badly trained. it seems to take ages and stop every minute - i'm sure it's convienient for everyone else but i'm late, dammit. a woman gets on with a gorgeous big-eyed black cat, with a beautiful blingy collar, in a box. makes me think of the dead cat, plus also sarah's beautiful rhymes and her four jet-black kittens. the bus eventually stops early, and not near a dlr station, so i walk in a direction that looks like it might have one. it does eventually, although not really on the right line.

docklands is a redundant wasteland, a horrible area full of nothing, isolated shiney new built office/leisure complexes, plus the occaisional functional factory (hooray for the vogel bakery. also allotments are good).

finally get to the docklands campus, which somehow looks both modern and shit. at 12:10 i get to the office with my documents, to find that it is closed between 12 and 2. fine, i think, i've got to eat anyway, so i get a sarnie ('i'm just getting so sick of UEL sandwiches', the woman next to me says, understandably) and head to the library, although it's not called the library or sign posted so i get lost AGAIN.

from this point, i can see the tate and lyle factory and docklands airport, plus a nice body of water, which is cool. sorry i don't blog much anymore, and then just complain about stuff when i do. i'm unemployed now, so i'll probably do a lot more.

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