this week just gone and insane mixtape bloggage

it's been an interesting week in experimenting with grilly. m'lady's been away with her mum in the cotswolds, i'm going out to join to join them for a week and then the two of us and another couple will be barging it around the grand union canal, so i'll be ENTIRELY INTERNETLESS for that period. i don't know what i'll do.

she left me on friday, as the song goes; old pal beth was meant to be coming round for tea, but double booked herself and went watching horror movies in camberwell instead. camberwell was too far away in time and money so i stayed in. she was meant to come round tonight too but probably found something more fun... very sad story: she was meant to be passing through britain for two days inbetween chicago and prague, but then while she was here, her boyfriend who she was meant to be going away with dumped her (i gather). so she got two/three weeks in britain instead, poor thing. but yes, we missed each other. i stayed up on the computer til gone four o'clock - it was starting to get light again.

on saturday i stayed inside all day until i went to noise noise noise at catch in shoreditch, scene of my disgrace last time rachel went away with her mum, last year. i went out with james, got very drunk, and was ill for about five days after. this time i was going out alone, and sober. and it was great - nitowski played satisfying mathrock, deathscalator were a bit rubbish (sorry laurence and corey) so i went and read the guardian on my phone, and astrohenge put on a fantastic live show of instrumetal and nudged towards greatness. the music was all very manly, i chatted to the promoter, enjoyed myself greatly, and went home having bought only a bottle of ale for the walk to the gig. got home about half 12 and stayed up til 4 again, playing the dig, and grand theft auto 3.

the next morning it was band brunch at the fleapit, where we discussed the venue and BOOKED OUR ALBUM LAUNCH FOR 5TH SEPTEMBER/. i'm seriously excited about this, and will use it as a chance to reflect on three years in london, three years very well spent. i used the rest of the day to play more games and write 2000 words on why i don't like the dig, riled by journalist john 'botherer' walker's admiration of it (see below). i tried to finish the game using walkthroughs, but got stuck on something that just wouldn't work so i gave up and wrote it off.
monday i pulled myself together a bit and started being useful and that night, without realising it, the fight back began. i went round my neighbours' and spent a very nice evening with them, chatting the chat and watching stuff. it may not seem like much, but i started to fall back into something like a routine.

tuesday was the awesome mj hibbett/chris tt double headliner i'd been so excited about, that really deserves a blog post of it's own. in short - chris tt's improvised piano work was wonderful, as nervous as he was about it. it's a shame about the nerves because they really came through in the music; when something is a stream of conciousness, even someone who clearly understands music in quite a deep way like chris - which i had never realised, only knowing him for writing indie/folk/pop songs - he would start to panic and eventually lose his zen and run out of ideas. then he'd talk to the audience again, calm down and produce something great.

dino planet was superb and you really should see it. the thing is, both acts form a sort of cult of personality about themselves on stage, but while chris' new work is a complete withdrawal from that, hibbett's solo show is even more of his personality than you've seen before. it's just him, rattling through 10 or so interconnected songs and the arias that lie between them, it's a concentrated shot of pure hibbett. marvellous.

on wednesday i popped round to hannah next door's for a cup of tea, then went for a walk in victoria park with ian, which lasted til 7 and was great. i then had to go and pick up a veg bag for someone from hackney city farm, and since i was down that way, called on alex and rosie, recently wed. i got taken in and plied with wine and pasta and great conversation so that was a good day.

thursday i went round my brother dan's, and got my usual fix of games that won't run on my machine - street fighter 4, left 4 dead, research and development. i stayed over cause he lives miles away.
friday morning i came home.
i'm going away for two weeks now, in honour of which, today i burnt off the following mixtapes - some brand new, others from earlier in the year but none more than about 6 months old. the tracklisting occaissonally went awry - nero doesn't appear to work with mp3s encoded with hellenic artists - so in some cases these are the idealised versions.

#EXTINF:230,Toady One - dwarf fortress theme
#EXTINF:360,Fiona & Gorwel Owen - Ychydig Is Na'r Angylion
#EXTINF:353,Kevin Ayers & the whole world - Shooting At The Moon
#EXTINF:501,Frank Zappa - Keep It Greasey
#EXTINF:430,squarepusher - greenways trajectory
#EXTINF:215,Fantômas - Skin Horse
#EXTINF:381,Recall - sortie
#EXTINF:415,The Sensational alex harvey band - sirocco
#EXTINF:251,Ta??s?? ?apa???sta?t???? - Dromeas
#EXTINF:145,M.J. Hibbett & The Validators - MJ Hibbett & The Validators / (regardez, ecoutez et repetez)
#EXTINF:1260,Dressed In Wires - Cranes Swoop Into The Capital (Movements I-IV)
#EXTINF:58,Melt-Banana - Shoot The Moon

#EXTINF:138,Graham Coxon - Mornin Blues
#EXTINF:212,The Bonzo Dog Band - Re-Cycled Vinyl Blues
#EXTINF:174,Leadbelly - Good Morning Blues
#EXTINF:360,Bob Dylan - Tombstone Blues
#EXTINF:390,Charles Mingus - Pedal Point Blues
#EXTINF:154,Nick Drake - Courting Blues
#EXTINF:224,The Bonzo Dog Band - Laughing Blues
#EXTINF:166,Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - My Human Gets Me Blues
#EXTINF:306,Gil Scott-Heron - The Get Out of the Ghetto Blues
#EXTINF:236,Kevin Ayers - Champagne Cowboy Blues
#EXTINF:135,John Martyn - The Easy Blues
#EXTINF:457,Steely Dan - Deacon Blues
#EXTINF:190,Scott Walker - Blanket Roll Blues
#EXTINF:149,Eels - Electro-Shock Blues
#EXTINF:153,Gorky's Zygotic Mynci - Desolation Blues
#EXTINF:117,John Renbourn - Lost Lover Blues
#EXTINF:110,McLusky - Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues
#EXTINF:149,Half Man Half Biscuit - Worried Man Blues
#EXTINF:207,Woody Guthrie - Talking Dust Bowl Blues
#EXTINF:129,Johnny Dowd - Woody Guthrie Blues
#EXTINF:247,The Sensational alex harvey band - gamblin'm bar room blues
#EXTINF:347,Bright Eyes - Land Locked Blues
#EXTINF:147,Sporting Hero - Sleepwalking Blues

banging donk, bouncey house:
#EXTINF:296,Super Furry Animals - Out Of Control (Zan Lyons Mix)
#EXTINF:285,Zabrinski - Bullied Into Boxing
#EXTINF:133,DJ Scotch Egg - Scotch Grime
#EXTINF:368,simian mobile disco - Simian Mobile Disco - Animal House
#EXTINF:388,Amon Tobin - Night Life
#EXTINF:45,immunity through excess - immunity through excess - 04 fags
#EXTINF:318,Aphex Twin - At The Heart Of It All (Nine Inch Nails)
#EXTINF:338,squarepusher - fat controller
#EXTINF:383,Boards of Canada - Kid For Today
#EXTINF:244,Recall - plotlines
#EXTINF:322,Dressed In Wires - Lactating For You
#EXTINF:299,Ephel Duath - Hole IX
#EXTINF:140,Dj gallow slutt - cloaca 6
#EXTINF:410,Penfold Plum - Potent Concoction
#EXTINF:349,Infinity Chimps - Drws Y Coed
#EXTINF:140,Radiohead - Chernobyl 2

#EXTINF:187,Scott Walker - Amsterdam
#EXTINF:188,The Bonzo Dog Band - Ready Mades
#EXTINF:351,Astra - Phoenix
#EXTINF:336,My Computer - For Somebody Else
#EXTINF:224,Wild Beasts - The Club Of Fathomless Love
#EXTINF:255,Jon Redfern - Part of You
#EXTINF:267,ween - cold blows the wind
#EXTINF:193,Gorky's Zygotic Mynci - Freckles
#EXTINF:272,The Penny Sweets - Swimming Song
#EXTINF:376,Cats in Paris - Goojfc
#EXTINF:139,Cult Of Luna - Osterbotten
#EXTINF:224,Girls Girls Girls - Girls Girls Girls / Old Amsterdam Waltz

#EXTINF:230,Zabrinski - Blen
#EXTINF:216,The Mad Capsule Markets - All The Time In Sunny Beach - Noise Therapy Remix
#EXTINF:382,Thom Yorke - The Clock (Surgeon remix)
#EXTINF:130,DJ Scotch Egg - Scotch Heads
#EXTINF:282,squarepusher - my red hot car
#EXTINF:316,Ephel Duath - Hole I
#EXTINF:176,System Of A Down - Know
#EXTINF:153,Super Furry Animals - Golden Retriever (Killa Kela Mix)
#EXTINF:243,Björk - Triumph of a Heart
#EXTINF:260,Radiohead - Sit Down, Stand Up (Snakes & Ladders)
#EXTINF:234,Ewan MacColl - The Shoals of Herring
#EXTINF:259,Blur - Entertain Me
#EXTINF:537,david wrench - superhorny
#EXTINF:394,Sparks - Dick Around

#EXTINF:170,Ta??s?? ?apa???sta?t???? - Kalanda
#EXTINF:299,A Hawk And A Hacksaw - A Black And White Rainbow
#EXTINF:251,Scott Walker - The girls from the streets
#EXTINF:175,Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - My Head Is My Only House Unless It Rains
#EXTINF:202,The Bonzo Dog Band - Rhinocratic Oaths
#EXTINF:196,Pentangle - Light Flight (Take Three Girls Theme)
#EXTINF:282,Sparks - My Baby's Taking Me Home
#EXTINF:177,Martin Carthy - Byker Hill
#EXTINF:397,Scott Walker - Farmer In The City
#EXTINF:219,Martin Carthy - Lord Franklin
#EXTINF:359,Cult Of Luna - And With Her Came The Birds
#EXTINF:232,simian - grey
#EXTINF:270,Mugison - Hold On 2 Happiness
#EXTINF:383,David Bowie - Warszawa
#EXTINF:227,David Bowie - Art Decade
#EXTINF:208,David Bowie - Weeping Wall
#EXTINF:339,David Bowie - Subterraneans

#EXTINF:175,Polysics - Lookin' Lookin' Gaa
#EXTINF:357,Lions & Tigers - Pure & Applied
#EXTINF:362,Cats in Paris - Loose Tooth Tactile
#EXTINF:179,Kevin Ayers - Oh My
#EXTINF:156,Scaffold - Potato Clock
#EXTINF:204,Half Man Half Biscuit - Tyrolean Knockabout
#EXTINF:246,david wrench - lonely winter in a seaside town
#EXTINF:236,Cardiacs - Goodbye Grace
#EXTINF:384,Dummy Plug Conspiracy - The New Monsters
#EXTINF:385,aaron mcmullan - don't think i'll sleep tonight, dj gallow slutt enforcement
#EXTINF:247,maybe myrtle tyrtle - the tree song
#EXTINF:174,My Side Of The Mountain - Lost Pilot
#EXTINF:228,Radiohead - Go Slowly
#EXTINF:201,Jon Redfern - Lost
#EXTINF:173,Gary Lucas - Sunrise, Sunset
#EXTINF:202,Neutral Milk Hotel - In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
#EXTINF:177,Dave Swarbrick/Martin Carthy - Byker Hill
#EXTINF:162,euros childs - horse riding
#EXTINF:79,Graham Coxon - Latte
#EXTINF:393,Amon Tobin - Reanimator
#EXTINF:638,Aereogramme/Isis - Stolen
#EXTINF:335,Aaron McMullan - Don't Think I'll Sleep Tonight

#EXTINF:193,M.J. Hibbett & The Validators - clare grogan
#EXTINF:218,M.J. Hibbett & The Validators - Things'll Be Different When I'm In Charge
#EXTINF:225,M.J. Hibbett & The Validators - The Symbol Of Our Nation
#EXTINF:186,M.J. Hibbett & The Validators - Looking At My Hands
#EXTINF:164,M.J. Hibbett & The Validators - Breaks In The Journey
#EXTINF:264,M.J. Hibbett & The Validators - MJ Hibbett & The Validators / It Only Works Because You're Here
#EXTINF:227,M.J. Hibbett & The Validators - MJ Hibbett & The Validators / All The Good Men
#EXTINF:197,m.j. hibbett - the story of my life
#EXTINF:161,M.J. Hibbett & The Validators - Good Cooking
#EXTINF:237,M.J. Hibbett & The Validators - The Fight For History
#EXTINF:248,M.J. Hibbett & The Validators - Mental Judo
#EXTINF:205,M.J. Hibbett & The Validators - The Back Of The Sofa
#EXTINF:236,M.J. Hibbett & The Validators - the only thing
#EXTINF:142,M.J. Hibbett & The Validators - The Girl Who...
#EXTINF:124,M.J. Hibbett & The Validators - Nothing In Common, Except, Maybe...
#EXTINF:258,M.J. Hibbett & The Validators - MJ Hibbett & The Validators / Do More, Eat Less
#EXTINF:205,M.J. Hibbett & The Validators - Easily Impressed
#EXTINF:204,M.J. Hibbett & The Validators - the fair play trophy (again)
#EXTINF:239,M.J. Hibbett & The Validators - The Lesson Of The Smiths
#EXTINF:250,M.J. Hibbett & The Validators - Holdalls Is The New Name For Midland Mainline Lost Property
#EXTINF:196,M.J. Hibbett & The Validators - M.J. HIBBETT & THE VALIDATORS / I Did A Gig In New York
#EXTINF:210,M.J. Hibbett & The Validators - M.J. HIBBETT & THE VALIDATORS / Professional, Competent, Rocking And Tight
#EXTINF:194,M.J. Hibbett & The Validators - boom! shake the room

#EXTINF:219,the thurston lava tube - ghost train camel
#EXTINF:256,The Psychedelic Furs - The Ghost In You
#EXTINF:247,Neutral Milk Hotel - Ghost
#EXTINF:122,Michael Z. Land - Ghost Ship Shuffle
#EXTINF:272,John Zorn - Ghosts of Thelema
#EXTINF:352,Ghost in the Shell - Ghost Dive
#EXTINF:257,erlend øye - ghost trains(morgan geist - new york)
#EXTINF:202,Eels - Friendly Ghost
#EXTINF:216,Shellac - Ghosts
#EXTINF:409,the dillinger escape plan - Mouth of Ghosts
#EXTINF:710,Cult Of Luna - Ghost Trail
#EXTINF:274,Atari Teenage Riot - Ghostchase
#EXTINF:259,65DaysOfStatic - Drove Through Ghosts To Get Here

april foods:
#EXTINF:144,Gorky's Zygotic Mynci - When You Laugh At Your Own Garden In A Blazer
#EXTINF:142,McLusky - The World Loves Us and Is Our Bitch
#EXTINF:276,Wild Beasts - His Grinning Skull
#EXTINF:374,Abdullah Ibrahim - Bra Joe from Kilimanjaro
#EXTINF:490,Cardiacs - The everso closely guarded lin
#EXTINF:234,The Mad Capsule Markets - Parasite
#EXTINF:158,Michael Z. Land - Introduction (monkey 1)
#EXTINF:679,Morrissey - The Teachers Are Afraid of the Pupils
#EXTINF:410,Tangaroa - Vietnamese Killing Queens
#EXTINF:218,gorky's zygotic mynci - Hush_B2_fj
#EXTINF:210,ween - flutes of chi
#EXTINF:318,Aphex Twin - Heroes [Aphex Twin Remix]

#EXTINF:612,Dälek - Abandoned Language
#EXTINF:299,iLiKETRAiNS - Terra Nova
#EXTINF:328,the dillinger escape plan - Dead as History
#EXTINF:253,Sparks - (She Got Me) Pregnant
#EXTINF:285,half man half biscuit - took problem chimp to ideal home show
#EXTINF:135,The Senseless - Evilicious
#EXTINF:267,player - angel of theft
#EXTINF:93,the dillinger escape plan - When Acting as a Wave
#EXTINF:769,drumcorps - channel4mix
#EXTINF:252,65DaysofStatic - Dance Parties (Distant)
#EXTINF:475,The Mad Capsule Markets - No Food, Drink, Or Smoking [Kawasaki Electro Acadamy Remix]
#EXTINF:159,DJ Scotch Egg - Scotch Chicken
#EXTINF:525,Jim Steinman - Bad For Good

#EXTINF:260,Dressed In Wires - Bunny, That's A Special Wand. It'll Come In Handy... I'll Show You How To Use It Later
#EXTINF:328,Cats in Paris - Foxes
#EXTINF:257,Radiohead - Up On The Ladder
#EXTINF:229,half man half biscuit - lord hereford's knob
#EXTINF:345,Sparks - Strange Animal
#EXTINF:51,Naked City - Speedfreaks
#EXTINF:299,bruised pilgrim - euro oy
#EXTINF:311,ABBA - Voulez Vous
#EXTINF:261,Fiona & Gorwel Owen - Ten Thousand Things
#EXTINF:210,Scott Walker - Montague terrace (in blue)
#EXTINF:167,Radio Luxembourg - Diwrnod Efor Anifeiliaid
#EXTINF:343,Drumcorps - Grist
#EXTINF:153,Cult Of Luna - The Lure (Interlude)
#EXTINF:204,Girls Girls Girls - Girls Girls Girls / Sad Sea Shanty For Igor Kornelyuk
#EXTINF:194,Kermit the Frog - The Rainbow Connection

plus a few older ones i found lying around. should last us two weeks i think... see you soon.
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