think different

so there's some shop on mare street, only it's not really a real shop, just some sort of design showroom and neon light and shop logo design and printers. the couple of lots next door are empty, so they've put some of their works in there, which looks like things they've done for the luls or for art's sake. they're generally well made if baffling and make one reach for the nathan barley voodoo doll - vacuous statements of worthlessness.

so to top it all, they put a massive backlit screen of Fritzl, with the apple macintosh 'think different' logo/slogan (slogo?) in the corner. i can't really see what they're trying to achieve with this here; i mean, there's only so many times you can say 'barley' before you just give up - but it really is reminiscent of (suga)RAPE's 'no offence unintended' policy. just what exactly are they trying to say? i think the kindest explanation is that 'think different' isn't necessarily a good thing, in the same way as 'i did it my way'. but... it mostly just looks like they're scrabbling for attention.

so i went past today and guess what? fritzl's gone, replaced with a scanned-in letter of complaint. 'it may be meant to be ironic but it's not appropriate for a shop window. please keep your sophisticated musings behing closed doors,' it reads, rather sophisticatedly and reservedly. they honestly just look like smug fratboy/public school pricks who think that everything is funny, wearing other people's annoyance as a badge of pride, no matter how much more mature it is than their pretence at discourse, hiding behind the trusty shield of 'art'. fuckers.

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