coffee and wifi

there will come a point where every shop has a wifi enabled cafe at the back, so you can just, you know, chill out in there while thinking about buying something and knocking back a drink and a cheese sandwich.

and every website will have a social networking function; i consider myself a moderately heavy Internets user and every website i use has the option to log in.

this will effectively turn shopping into an online experience, yet still IRL. so rather than sitting at home and ordering stuff, you'll be out in town but wifi enabled.

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laurence said...

funny isn't it, the high street starts to struggle due to online purchases so they all start getting wifi instore. did someone miss something?

btw, did you know that waterstones started having instore terminals with amazon, so customers could order books online that they found in the shop but for a much lower price. it was some bizarre collaboration. not sure if they still do it or how widespread it is.

fuck the 'shopping experience'. i say pull all those shops down and replace them by with pubs. er.. or social centres. rather :]