a days worth of great music links

amazing program that i don't believe can actually possibly work - but it does:
melodyne, with direct note access
seriously watch the video. it's like watching ghostbusters, or the bit in hitchhikers where they're talking about the restaurant at the end of the universe and keep saying 'this is, of course, impossible'.

this website will put a donk on any mp3 you care to give it:
(based on this stuff, which links on to more crazy gubbins: echo nest)
a couple of my own attempts:
fuck remixers, masterers, and producers. i'm putting the whole album through this.

live battle raps over the internet:
lets beef
you can't make this up, can you? i'm so glad websites like this exist. people amaze me every day. don't you feel a part of a community?

and to cap it off, a new synth-based version of jammie thomas:
(currently stuck in upload hell)
i make no apologies for crappy room-reverb (natural), line hiss (also natural), or my terrible tin whistles.

all in all, it's been a good day.
i didn't even have to use my API.
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