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she’s trying to give me nits. maybe i should have actually washed my hair rather than just wetting it in the bath last night. but she shouldn’t have said about the nitty girl at school. it’s not just the nits, it’s what the nits represent; the remind me of the time of controversy, instability, and comics.

i bought sam ‘n’ max surfing the highway for the second time in my life. i lost it maybe 12 years ago? so it finally got re-released, by tell-tale games, who are also the people making the new games... i love it when a plan comes together.

i spend too long reading the comments.

i got massively into lost winds for it’s three hour length, then realised it was made by david braben and was impressed, then found out they’ve already announced the sequel… and came to the opinion it’s a glorified demo/shareware episode. which is nice too i guess. now, do i invest in the final fantasy city building game that’s meant to be quite good? or leave well alone and make more music? i hate that computer games are so selfish.

our eurovision party rocked. rocked a fat one. we figure we had thirty-five people all told, almost enough for one a country, but people get confused round the balkans and everyone wants to be france.
when people ask how i am, i say, “we’re fine”.

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