i'm not the murdoch press

i notice that yesterday i posted two anti-beeb links. firstly i should point out an error - the bbc issued a cease and desist only when 'someone tried to sell one of her patterns on eBay'.

now, i like the bbc. i have a fondness for auntie in the same way i love the labour party. that is, sometimes relations can become fairly strained. obviously right now labour are a detestable pack of mad yapping hounds who deserve everything they got in the local elections and i want my labour party back. things can get similar with the bbc; there's only so long you can apologise, so long before some murdoch-funded columnist actually makes a fair criticism in amongst the litanies of hate.
so whereas i love the idea of a media corporation that does not advertise and thus cannot be said to be producing material just to keep people in front of the telly for as long as possible - actually that's not a very good point, since their licence fee does basically depend on how much is consumed, but at least it's a direct link, not through a third party business buying ad space - just as i love the idea of a political party that fights for workers rights against the wealthy landowners, sometimes you want to love something more than you actually love it.

'and i... wanna fall in love.... with you...'
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