super mega catch up

christmas. why did no=one ever open a pub called 'bar humbug'?

so i went home for a long time... lots of too much of everything... food and constant inebriation and quite a lot of telly, but not in the grumpy (i think they mean smug) old men way of escaping the family. although i was quite glad when i just had my immediate family to myself.

then i came back here at th'weekend afore new year.

i failed jasmine's party and instead played it safe at rachel's. she'd been railroaded into hosting the pre-party, which was a good big gang of people. if i try to remember everyone i'll leave someone out so i shouldn't try, but i think it was - the parny crowd of esther, ruth, jo; the thalia crowd of ian, thalia, claire; the faversham crowd of james, his sister heather, and lorraine. i know this won't mean anything to most people. there was so much food, and it all got et; homity pie, chilli con quorne, dips & shit. i hope i never hear that bloody whalefish song ever again, leading me to internet it over to the esure and cillit bang remixes.

then we went outwards, to the pub where we were supposed to have tickets. ruth and i went upstairs to check out the craic with the band, who were a drumless acoustic five piece, it transpired that ruth had orchestrated the whole thing - saying it was gonna be a really good night, it's ohmygodimissyou endorsed &c. - just so she could try and get off with 'dj ian' from the afore mentioned ohmgodimissyou who she knew would be there. she pestered him all night, to which he successfully remained feckless.

i've not been out on new year's for.. i can't actually ever remember doing it. at school i just went round emma halls or bov's or something. i think one year i went to brighton beach. it's not an experiance i really want to repeat (damn i'm writing shit today). i can't be bothered to realise my reasons; new year's is a big pile of croc and i don't want to spend it surrounded by people who think it's a special day. try explaining to people how you can't have a start to a year because it's circular, they won't believe you. the dj's were playing a very mixed bag, which is good because i could dance to some tracks but others were just's difficult trying to explain to someone who's never heard of brakes why you don't like them. i tried to leave just gone midnight but got talked into staying a bit longer, and did actually enjoy it for a while. we walked home for about two and snacked.

i'm getting old; it wasn't a heavy night - or it didn't feel like one at the time - but the next day i was wrecked. sigh. we went for a decent fry up and just sat around for a bit. then got noodles and played settlers of catan.

this week wasn't too bad. the first day back at work i got to have lunch with rachel on clapham common, but the heron and the cormorants were away. last night, i made a very good aubergine/halloumi/tomato/pasta dish with adrian, the only effect we used was cumin seed. sorry i mean seasoning. not 'effect'. the rest of the time i've been trying to make this prince charming/like i love you mash up work, getting frustrated at free (no, actually free) software. i'll do some now i think. after another post, a piece of toast, and starwarscraft.
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