diary stuff

so there was our first band practice, as somewhat detailed over on http://partypiglet.blogspot.com - i don't think i captured the daylight feeling of the meeting at london bridge. it's irksome that we've not hung out as a band yet. it's irksome that we can't play the songs yet either, but i'm sure that will come when we gel as a unit and people know what they're meant to be doing at any given moment. i printed off songbooks today, i'll annotate them for individuals so we can do a few practices off paper.

after the rehearsal, i wasn't going to, but i hightailed it over to somewhere north to join in with girls girls girls acoustic. it turned out they didn't need my help this time - the only acoustic instrument was the bass. but i did a couple of numbers of my own - starting with a premier of 'jammie thomas'

i then played lake and, oh some others. i tried to get through 'my disgrace' by kefranski but ed shouted for me to stop. i haven't learnt how to deal with hecklers yet.

the thursday after, we finally had that aaron in the back of our car to to the vocal on the 'don't think i'll sleep tonight' remix. it's done but it's a little scratchy; you can head over to dj gallowslutt's myspace if you want to listen to it right away, but i reccomend you wait a few weeks til i've fixed the vocal perhaps. but what if i never do? maybe you should give it a listen now then. listening to it now, that vocal is to loud. and too double-tracked. i've got some great footage of aaron too, which hopefully i'll sequence up into a proper video for it and it'll be a massive multimedia youtube hit.
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