so five people walk into a pub. they all walk up to the bar to find who, but flash gordon (saviour of the universe) himself waiting on.

after collecting their orders he recaps: 'so that'll be a white russian, no ice, guiness, another guiness, cocksucker blues with extra mint, two bags of crisps my choice, and a lager and lime for the virgin*. okay that'll be 12 pound 63 altogether, but lets call it 12.50 for ease shall we, and if everyone just chips in 2 quid 50 then we're sorted, right? don't worry about standing around, i'll bring it all over when it's ready, and if you notice that couple by the window are just about to leave freeing up that 6 seater in the corner so if you wander over there you should be able to grab it...'

good old flash gordon. he saved everyone a fuss.

*this references a song i wrote: 'i'm a virgin, everybodies fucking like swine; i'm a virgin, can i please have a lager and lime'.
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