so it was a strange weekend - i didn't spend a penny. that's not as quality as it might sound - it was achieved by staying in all weekend, and given i'd bought a week's travel card so it was a little under used. i played lots of thief 2x and even more resident evil 4, which was good in the village but the castle chapter was a bit gash. it was basically a completely different game. and the 'survival action' genre that they claim to have created was somewhat annoying - basically amounts to shooting hundreds of zombified villagers in the head. and you go into a massive castle and it goes rubbish.

om nom nom nom dot com is my new favourite website ever.

off to green man on thursday - looking forward to pitching up my tent in the dark, in the rain, alone, for the second year running, ftw.

coming soon: grilly deconstructs plot structures..!
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