le labyrinth en crystal

so what does one say about one's own house party? i suppose one runs through the process itself as best one can: the planning; the setting up; the party; the aftermath.

as you probably know, the whole thing was based on the crystal maze. the living room was medival - hay and candlelight; ed's room was futuristic - electronic things and lasers; adrian's was industrial - no longer in use; the kitchen was oceanic - it looks like a ship; my room was the aztec zone, as signified by a plant. that was really as far as my effort went. the toilet was easily the best, the crystal dome, with gold and silver ribbons hanging from the ceiling, angular lighting, and three remixes of 'le labyrinth en crystal' looping continuously through the pa.

luke arrived first, soon followed by dan, and before long enough people were here to warrant kicking the party off. party hard! i bashed on a load of electro and stuff to start with, or mainly electro. i can't remember now. simian mobile disco was on at some point, as was stuff that people complained about. no one really danced, except andy and i to valerie. eventually there were lots of people - not enough to fill everywhere all at once, but the constant following traffic was nice in someways.

memorable moments include an angsty sapphic girl being informed that straight sex was just 'quite nice', the live set from dude where's my car featuring alexis on sax, andy asking to be punched, and for once, literally, the freeform jamming with ian, naomi penny sweet on violin, i, kat brown singing, becoming more and more beautiful until bertie started doing his hitler impression again, naomi fixing my violin and making it sound good, whence we went and jammed on 'byker hill', revelations, narcolepsy, and absinthe. i was showing chris (my first actual fan) how it should be done, with caramlised sugar &c, but he continued to drink it neat, until he threw up upon the couch, as was the fashion of the time.

ian fell asleep on my bed and was immobile, leading to an uncomfortable three in a bed situation. he left at three in the morning to 'go to his own bed'. if only he'd done that seven hours ago. upon rising, there was a breakfast mission to kilburn, ending up in a cafe bar restuarant place that we ended up in last time luke was staying over and a greasy spoon was required. i had the mushroom wellington again, tasty as it is. people aim for fry up and land on sunday roast. interesting. they said they were closed too, but luke berated them until they said they'd feed us. i'm glad i wasn't there for that bit.

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