once again, it's sunday and i'm the only one online. it would be nice to be out somewhere but i really felt the need to be stimulated tonight. i wanted to be doing music or completing personality tests - i don't know why, but those were my hankerings. so now i'm sat here, downloading the fan-made thief expansion 'shadows of the metal age' - corny title, intriguing premise - and thinking i'll tell you about the last two weeks.

crikey i'm knackered. currently listening to samples of the 'tidelands' soundtrack off - the theme is so hypnotic and magical.

is it a good idea to go straight edge two weeks before going to a music festival? can one enjoy the green man without the constant running of beautiful cold lager? i suppose that's part of the problem - time and again i've maintained i'll only drink bitter as it's actually nice, only to fail utterly. so why not just give the stuff up entirely?

so two fridays ago we had the return of the penny sweets. i ducked home, made a tshirt and some food, and dashed out. photos will come again as always, but i can't be bothered to make my phone work with this pc. don't even ask me to bore you about my firefox settings.
thief2x is 37% downloaded. i am now listening to bartok string quartets.
so the penny sweets. lovely to have them back. instantly so much more professional than the other acts. there was an oasisy duo who'd come down from scotland with a full on girlfriend who forced herself upon our conversation and told us she 'loved 'new' music', but wasn't really willing to listen to us ask her if she liked 'old' music as well, and what was so new about some people playing pop songs on guitars in a pub anyway? but never mind. the sweets were fighting the sound a bit - feedback and reverb issues didn't help them too much. having listened some more to the expanded 'lumina blue' cd, the tracks at the end with real drums and bass have really endeared themselves to me more than the synthetic tracks at the begining. it would be nice when they're rocking a bit more, allowing for more variety in the set..


the night after was the house party and i don't really have much to say about it now. most photos are hidden in various people's facebook accounts, so make friends with kat brown and adrian martineau. i should give a full report, maybe i just can't be bothered now and should wait 'til later.

so moving on to this weekend instead.. no, i don't want to talk about that either.
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