when you've nothing left to talk about except yourself

it occurs to me that complaining about the utterly formulaic game engine of dragon quest is futile - i might as well complain about how putting words on paper is cliched - it's just a way to tell a story. however, this gives me excellent grounds to complain about the story of dragon quest - scepter, villain, quest, yawn. the story is as rudimentary as the game engine itself - so what is actually the point of the game other than to level up a nameless and featureless character?

that out of the way, i'm worried if i keep writing about my life it'll just turn into a list of things i've done with rachel, and you will find that boring, honestly. except maybe setting up a tent in her new living room and camping in it on friday night.

no, i've been in a bad way recently. very grumpy and infantile. i've hit bottom and realised how far i've fallen and how every day has just been habitually wasted, and it's almost too late to turn it around. i keep fucking up and pissing people off. everything else is wonderful - i just can't afford anything. put like that it doesn't sound so bad, but it's rubbish because i don't know when i will be able to.

musically, the last two tracks i've made are just collections of riffs stuck together with no hope of a vocal to carry them along. can anyone help?
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