so i'm in a relationship now.

a couple of weeks ago, luke was in town and we were going to meet ian and the gang at the foundry. included in this gang was my girlfriend, rachel. upon arriving, we noticed that ian was alone.
'where's everyone else?' i asked him.
'i don't know, didn't you call rachel?'
'no, i assumed you would.'

so we came to a conflict; i had assumed ian, being james and rachel's friend, would call at least one of them and tell them we were going out on the town. ian assumed i, being rachel's boyfriend (whatever that means) would call her. i maintained ian was an older friend, and that had priority over newer, even though we were a couple.
all of a sudden, there was all these rules i had to abide by that no one had explained to me. i felt like he'd offloaded responsibility for her onto me; we'd only been going out a week or so and already it's my duty to call her, even when he's meant to have been arranging the evening? i just expected to see her out like i always did. no, it turns out that's not enough.

cuh. society.
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