an interested pedant writes

Paul Simon: "leaves that are green, turn to brown"
A Pedant: well not all do. Some trees are evergreen.
PS: well what would you have me say?
AP: how about 'some leaves that are green turn to brown'
PS: if I say that, I'm effectively highlighting that while some leaves turn brown, others don't, which isn't what I'm trying to say at all. I'm trying to say everything withers'.
AP: how about you just stick to deciduous trees?
PS: ok: 'leaves that are green on deciduous trees turn to brown'.
AP: well that's a bit of a redundant statement, isn't it? It's inherent in the definition of a deciduous tree. You might was well just say 'deciduous'.
PS: very well then: 'deciduous'. Hmmm. It doesn't really scam as well.

Note to self: /lack of free will does not necessarily imply a lack of meaning?
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