i'll tell you why we're doomed. well, i can't tell you why, but i can tell you the most basic illustration - when people walk on the grass.

am i the only one who can see the bigger picture here?

everyday, in the centre of town the tiny scrap of grass is eroded a little further by people bending the rules. they don't think they're doing anything wrong, indeed they wouldn't be, if they actually just walked straight over the grass. but they never do. they always just walk exactly on the bit of grass that's being eroded right now, oblivious to the obvious consequences when you scale this behaviour up. the grass gets completely killed, and we're all left with a big patch of boring ugly dust. the worst thing is that it stems from mis-good intentions. people think walking on the grass is bad, so they try and avoid it.. but just want that little extra shortcut (not like the concrete paths aren't already the most direct route, which makes the whole exercise even more insane), so they tread over the bit that's just dying now, because, you know, like, what can you do? how can i give a fuck about these people they're so stupid? even worse, how can i ignore them when their stupidity is going to encroach on my welfare? ultimately, one has to take a stand. but we can't lock ourselves away in social centres and anarchist collectives. all these awful people will still ruin the world even with the people who care closing themselves away. so you have to get out there and preach. but they won't listen to preaching. and you can't win through stealth tactics, not with the media so strong. WHY DON'T YOU, YES BUT, WHY DON'T YOU, YES BUT. everyway i look at it, we're fucked. there's nothing anyone can do. it's an entirely closed system of being fucked. it was written from the word begining; it's in our nature. we are negative feedback; the more we grow, the more we destroy our life support system. it'll all fall down. how can i not be a solipsist when these wankers are destroying the world? do you see my problem? solipsism doesn't scale up to be a workable system. i can't join in and i can't not join in. who thought that this would be what i'd learn from science?


i opened up the bag of curry from last night in the fridge and found four packets. there were four curries, one with chicken in. ah. despite mitri indicating the veggie ones to the waiter to be bagged up, they'd given me all of them. in the darkness of the restuarant, it was difficult to distinguish between meat and veggie (and i know you're probably thinking 'it doesn't matter' but bear with me), but maybe it was going to be easier now. so i open the first container - chick peas. right then, that's the chana, that means there's a one in three chance that the next one is the chicken. i open it - no, that's saag aloo. right then. one in two chance the next one is chicken. i open it. more potatoes - they're really potatoes, not potato-like chicken. well that's all the veggie ones. what's in the fourth one then? it's got to be the chicken. i open it anyway... rice. they'd obeyed the instructions to the letter, with disconcerting but ultimately accurate speed. our hope doesn't lie in the proles, but in the curry.

i will put the new boyfriend e.p. up presetly.
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