heat exhaustion

and so it came to pass that i missed ephel duath twice in a week. once my fault, once theirs.
but it was ok because andy was here. at least, until he found i had a copy of star wars:kotor. then he was off on his own. this is very nice. remember, rancors have special devices in their stomachs to trigger frag grenades in case they ever accidentally eat one. now we've fallen off the wagon together, it's almost like playing computer games compulsively is acceptable.

i finished new boyfriend e.p. and i'm very happy. andy informs me that i've started singing my blog*, given the improvised nature of the newer songs on the flipside. i'll put the mp3s up later, in the meantime i'll be getting out cds to those who need them. on hearing his harmonies at the end of the first track of the death of a salesman mini-album, i insisted he do the same thing to the bits of new boyfriend that i was planning on using fruity loops choir sounds for, which you can tell right now was going to be a shit idea. i'm sure we went out somewhere at some point, oh yeah, that's right - 'free comic books day' at travelling man. an utter waste of time. the drastic underpromotion turned out to not be that at all, since the 'free comics' was a bunch of dc crap - two issues of inifinte crisis - that would have made no sense to the casual reader, and was hidden behind the counter. i wanted free comics, but i didn't have the cheek to ask for them. i thought they'd be 'available'. what a way to grow the industry. - but all i can remember is sitting on the sofa, variously discussing our creative endevours or breaking in andy's role-playing side. speaking of which, who's up for bal-sagoth roleplay?

*didn't morrisey say something like "why does every want to know about my private life? i've already sung out my diaries"?
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