gallow slutt 04

<p>ur</p>le milk is now online.

1. purple milk
2. love (try to relax remix)
3. sex
4. fair trade whore

upon downloading, update tag info accordingly, and please try not to think of 'start wearing purple'.

notae benne! this is an updated version of sex. the old version now only exists on your hard drive, if you downloaded it.

new valerie 7" out soon, performance on 17th december, guest list only, who's coming?


Ed said...

Where is this to be? I'm supposed to be at a party on the 17th, alas, but depending what time they're on and if it's in London, I could do both.

Unknown said...

it is actually in manchester. the set list also includes jayne compton and the magnifique chloe poems.

Ed said...

But how can you possibly expect to have any sort of meaningful cultural experience outside of London?


I hope they haven't practiced.

Unknown said...

never mind bloody valerie, what do you think of the new single?!

Ed said...

See Fyrstikker Nei.