word of the day: thanks.

does anyone actually have any information on the hyperborean empire - the "beyond the north wind men" of legend? outside a heavy reference in indiana jones 'n' the fate of atlantis, and fleeting references in robert graves' 'greek myths' and bal sagoth songs? oh wait, i forgot; this the internet. thank you, wikipedia: hyperborea. read this article before continuing the post, it's absolutely fascinating.


what do you call the french breeze that drives you mad?
(the mistral?)
no, it was a trick question - all brie's french!

(which is in no way related to the isp that drives you mad)
and also:

so these archeologists were in iceland, and they found this amazing civilization - older and more advanced than the assyrians, the babylonians, the egyptians, the messopotamians, or the lemurians! it is literally the best find ever - amazing in every respect, absolutely the bestest thing ever. the diggers believe it to be the long lost hyperbolean empire.

so i got the call at four o'clock on monday; kelly needed me in manchester the next day. they'd fallen short on the job and they needed my professional data inputting skills for the salford job, as we'd come to call it. so i said yeah, i can be in manchester tommorrow, just give me time to pack. so i called up pretty much everyone i knew in brighton for last night drinks, and thank you everybody, i thouroughly enjoyed your company.
it makes me think of this time last year: finding talking to people difficult, i drifted to the back of the procession as we walked across salford, and found myself talking very easily to someone with whom i could really communicate. there's about seven people from last year working again, some who've been working the registrations system for years. i feel very wierd about being back in manchester.. things haven't come together yet at work and i haven't seen any school friends (not that i don't count family as friends), understandably, but no-one knows i'm here yet, and surely none of you actually read this (although i can't understand why not). you might like to know, dear reader, i have about ten regular visitors. i'm comfortable with that. oh, i wandered off. the point is, i couldn't move home; it just wouldn't be a change enough to be worth doing. i need to change inside.

interestingly, instead of taking my ukelayle, i decided to take my laptop and midi keyboard, and then dreampt of my shoulders being in nasty pain. sometimes i dream my jaw has gone funny - locking my teeth together as a normal person would (i have an underbite) and having incredible pain from it. ha, the power of dreams.

i'm making more diary notes than ever before, thanks in part to the film 'pi' making me want to chronicle every thought i have (what would pi sound like encoded as sound? actually, i can imagine), and partly again as i've got heavily back into godel escher bach, which always makes me think oodles. both have re-invigoured my hunger for truth and enlightenment. i don't think i'll ever finish it; i've been reading it for a year, and when i get to the end i think i'll just start it again because there's so much in it. i've already had to go back and revise earlier chapters; rereading the chapter about zen has completely made me want to become a monk.

by the way, the word hemiolia refers to the rhythmic ambiguity i am so fond of. use it! another neologism, thanks to our job supervisor carla (oh, if she caught me with me caps down! (hey, maybe capdown just hate capital letters..)): 'clumbersome'. this autozygous word is so fantastic that i shall try and use it whenever it is called for (which won't be often).

hey - how does a photograph of a stopped clock differ to a photograph of a working one?

and i might have finally found a title for my new album (although go home and be a family man longs to be used, oh it whines at me every day): rebranding the wheel. either that or i'll make a song out of it.

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