hey, list fans!

for my purposes, as much as anybody elses, here is a list of all the music i brought oop norf with me. if anybody is wondering where i am at musically right now, or when i left brighton, this is your post.

dirty three, ocean songs
system of a down (new album, is it going to grow?)
my computer, 2 albums (not as good as they sound on paper)
fantomas, 2 albums
cult of luna, 2 albums
bach, the well tempered clavier volume one (2cds)
dillinger escape plan, 2 albums + ep
mj hibbett & the validators, this is not a library
kvein ayers, whatever she brings we sing
zabrinski, 3 albums
eels, blinking lights (2 cds)
david wrench, the atomic sound of tomorrow (DEAR GOD i'm drowning in cheese)
the serpents, you have just been poisoned by..
pig destroyer, terrifyer (ARRGGGH)
mc mabon, the hunt for meaning
radiohead, album +ep (guess which)
dead kennedys, fresh fruit for rotting vegetables
pink floyd, dark side of the moon (didn't think i would)
deerhoof, milkman (because i never gave it a chance)
brazil ost
scott 4, works project lp
christt, live tonight
pulp his 'n' hers (bought at the chazza for 50p)viv stanshall, teddy boys don't knit
various, gather in the mushrooms (60s folksploitation)
mansun, 2 albums
gorky's, 2 albums (only 2?!)
faith no more, angel dust
super furry animals, phantom power (going to see them on thursday, i'd better buy the new one soon)
humousexual, tahini beach party
ultrasound, everything picture (1 disc version)
mr bungle, california (a twatting great album, bringin general patton up to 5 recordings)
the locust, safety second, body last
ephel duath, the painter's pallette
garden, an introduction to...
the swarrrm tracks of relapse records' japanese assualt
7 mix cds
girls girls girls, the bronx sessions.

the question is, how did a new half man half biscuit album get released without me noticing until now? it's called 'achtung bono', and features the anthem 'joy division oven gloves', the sensitive break up song 'for what is chatteris..', 'aspargus next left', and more.. but not 'epiphany', which you'll have to download off their website.

so instead i bought ed alleyne johnson's new album, a 2cd collection of covers, played on his hand made electric violin. i knew it was going to be terrible, based on the last thing i got of his, but i assumed the fault in that recording (2020 vision) lay in his meddling wife. no, it seems ed's completely lost it; this album is worse than i imagined it could be. he sucks the life out of everything from 'clocks' to 'smells like teen spirit' to 'whatever' (y'know, *oasis*), and wanders into true parody territory with 'can't get you out of my head' (ok, i didn't actually listen that far). he could be the new shatner, if only he was already famous.. as it is, it's just hilariously, but still weakly, awful. sorry ed if you read this. it is. why can't you do another oxford suite?

(not that that's not in world o' shit. it's affectionate shit, not the bile that gets cathartised there)

which reminds me the the new exam rooms at school, converted from dormitaries, were christened the oxford suite and the cambridge suite, as if theat made us do better in our exams. sad really.

i've taken loads of great pictures, but i can't post any of them until i get back to brighton, so you'll have to wait.
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