the revalation that if my degree was a mark in pc gamer, i wouldn't buy the game. i'd read the reivew only to see if it was hilariously bad (it wouldn't be, just stinkingly mediocre). that i (mistakenly) gave disney's brother bear a higher mark than my degree. brother bear is better than me on my own admission. i think this is the kick up the arse that i've been angling for.

i haven't written about our new housemate, vicky. vicky has cooked us some wonderful meals, just like mama used to make, and is as nice as pie and great company. saturday night, i came down into the kitchen and found a slice of somerfield pizza, in it's paper wrapper with



written on it.

last night, and i hate to write this, but i saw resident evil for the third time. that's sick isn't it? it's not a three watch film, but it's one of those films that's always there - i protested and shouted and tried to read through it, but there was no escaping it once the zombies were out. to be honest, it is a shit zombie film, more of an action film with some zombies in. it's not even worth the five or so sentances i've wasted on trying to describe it's lack of worth. anyway, l wanted to watch it; this is mainly due to our new hobby - buying and watching entertaining videos (and then, in theory, part exchanging them back). last weekend we bought seven at the market, including reign of fire, bionicle the movie, the burbs and rocky, and it came to about a fiver.

we watch them here:

despite our hatred, we now have two tvs. neither is plugged into the sky; tommy's has a video player built in, and the other one has nowhere else to go. but now we can watch originals and remakes similtaneously. you can also make out a snes, a ps2, and an xbox, now useable thanks to megan's sly slippage at the games shop where she works.
more picture fun:

why do most of those animals look so miserable?

just how big does a reciept for one item need to be? that's a pint glass. regardless, i've becomed addicted to holland & barrett's veggie pies, and have gone so far as applying for a job from them.

barbecue with cally (happy birthday)

laurencre's favourite building has a make-over, post-mirror mask.

this weekend was anti-fest; more anti-folk than you or i could ever handle. friday night at the free butt, then guitar passing afterwards at mcgee house (inculding 15 gatechrashers at 2 a.m.). saturday had four hours and about 25 performers in the sanctuary cafe cella. i lasted about two sets, after which the sun was calling and i'd had enough mild hilarity until, ooh, tonight, when we went out for the monthly turds. i played my new song, 'purple milk', which got a good response, and astra (happy birthday) kindly requested 'love' so i played that. later jimmy mcgee and i dueted on 'nazi punks fuck off'. his poetry was very funny too, so if you see 'why i became a teacher' by jimmy cairney, i suggest you buy it - he's played with john heguely, you know. you see, it is possible to be a teacher and have a life. maybe i'll go for that pgce after all.

lovely to see dandy, er, i mean pete, and lizzy for lunch, but increasingly it seems that i only meet distant friends for the odd lunch here and there. still at least i got to meet them, whereas deb pugh (who turned up in brighton on monday with no fore-warning) got missed out entirely, as did barney livingston (who may have just got me a job).

and what's with all the trailers for bawdy bloke 'n' tits sex comedies? the wedding crashers, the su-dokus of hazzard, and maybe more that i rolled into those two. tiresome and weary shit. not to mention herbie: fully loaded (although somewhat unbelievably, it has a blacksmoke remix on the soundtrack).

oh, and valerie are playing on wednesday night in london. can i afford to go? can i afford to not go? how will this resolve?
end of episode 196.


p.s. here is a page of extreme optical illusions
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