throw your skinny body down, son

i've not much to say, but i thought i'd try and say it anyway (usually a bad idea). i've been spending too much time alone, re-reading my old diaries, and consequently, wandering about the house muttering "evil.. everyone must be killed" and so forth to no-one. i bought thief: the dark project on monday, and have made myself completely sick of it already. i'm starting to think that even though i really, genuinely enjoy the experiance of playing computer games, they are really, genuinely harmful. and when will i have the time? at the moment, i can just log on at any point of the day, if i let myself; but when i have a job, i'll either be working, relaxing, or sleeping, and none of those can be substituted in for single player computer games any better than the loathed television. this feeling is excerbated by the purchase of munchkin last weekend, which is tremendous fun, yet only a card game. just how would i spend my time if i lived alone? lost in any vacuous fantasy world on a screen, living out a script that isn't even in my head?

i found out other things this week: i found out that they made a fifth leprechaun film: leprechaun in the hood. at least it had the excellent ice-t in it (see, i do like music by black people). then i found out that they made a sequal to that: leprechaun: back 2 the hood. ice-t was clearly not available. the leprechaun dominates warwick davis' career like a monolith designed not by arthur c. clarke's benelovent educators, but by d.r. and quinch. but then i found out something wonderful: agent one-half, written by and starring davis, also starring val kilmer. oh yes. roll on 2007.

i made a new myspac: escheria, where i put my cover versions and remixes up - at the moment just both hands by ani di franco and the obligatory enjoy the silence. go! fight!
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