forever v1.9

there's a new song on escheria - a cover of the bezerker's 'forever'. from start of recording to online in three hours flat. it would have been two, but well, i do have to make a token effort at mixing. for instance, after recording the second take of the verse vocals, i figured it sounded better with both takes in the mix, like the double tracked acoustic guitars. and i've realised how much of an influence ergo phizmiz has been on what i want to do - his cover of white light white heat (the whole album) is a blatant inspiration for this song, or his cover of aphex twin's vordhosbn. i wanted to throw down loads of layers, guitars, whistles, pianos, keyboards, like some lo-fi phil spector, but after a couple of hours it just hung together so i left it at that.

here's someone else's cover of forever, or at least the start of it.

speaking of music, my monthly downloads are through the glass cieling (i before e, dammit); since january it counts up: 11, 29, 57, 32, 238, 399, and then 572 for this month which hasn't finished yet! who are these people? i never thought there'd be that many people with my music who i'd not met.
what's odd is that my streams have fallen off completely. there are too many daily downloads to just be blog readers getting them, unless every time someone reads this site they download 15 songs. maybe you do, i don't mind as i'm not paying for the bandwidth.

and now, feminism.
listening to woman's hour with jenny murray this morn, there was an article about how muslim women haven't been in the media very much since the london bomb, or 7/7 as people are inexplicably calling it (googling 7/7 is hilarious), but at least we can't complain that they got the numbers the wrong way round.
god, i'm so liberal, a bomb goes off in london and all i care about is the fucking date.
anyway, feminism. muslim women haven't been in the media much since the terror attack (don't forget the word terrorism was first commonly used to describe the activities of governments on local populations. exactly whose language are we talking?), unlike the women in ireland during the troubles. this is obviously, as the report made out, due to inbalances within the the muslim community (stress on community, since islam is not necessarily a sexist religion). now, since:
a) we live in a patriarchy (YES WE DO), and
b) the world is violent,
feminists (like myself, theoretically) have been allowed to conject that a matriarchy would be more socially co-operative than our current state, without much hard evidence. there is cirumcumstantial evidence from our close relatives like chimpanzees (males like to act dominantly, while females are more team-worky), but we can't safely infer anything about ourselves from them, since they have culture too (by which i mean, differences in behaviour between groups).

sorry, i ran out of steam. i might finish this later.
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