"You look like the drum and bass type..."

said the man handing out flyers, to the woman next to me, as i was walking onto campus. "and i don't?" i queried. we laughed about it. i didn't take a flyer.

this happened a while ago, but i'm reminded of it as i myself have been handing out flyers to people this lunch time. a common conversation would go:

G: trade justice interest you at all?
Passer-By: no.

i was picking on ethnic minorites (deliberate misspelling; i do want to rank for "ethnic minorites"), people wearing lots of cloth, shells round their necks, beards... quite why i gave one to sally and amy - park village house mates - i don't know. i'd love to see them their though.

Professor Margaret Boden
Tuesdays at 11-11.50
Biology Lecture Theatre, John Maynard Smith Building

October 12 Man as Machine: Origins of the Idea
October 19 Are Minds Machines Too?
October 26 The Rise of Computational Psychology
November 2 The Birth of Connectionism
November 9 When GOFAI was NEWFAI
November 16 A-Life in Embryo
November 23 Philosophies of Mind and Machine
All welcome - particularly Informatics first and second year undergraduates, new masters and DPhil students, COGS-IDP students, and interested students of Psychology and Philosophy

i like that last bit - for some reason, they deliberately excluded third years in that list; to the effect that they may as well have listed 'everyone that's not a third year'. the image of maggie, standing at the door, scanning for potential third years (who don't get that complimentary glass of wine) brings a titter to my eye.

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