"what does 'creativity' mean to you?"


that was the focus group on the new 'excellence in creativity and learning' centre the university is bidding for funding for. the Government has decided that although our insitutions are (to sum up) 'fuckled', it's going to put extra money - that could be going on the basics, and the essentials - into special, high-tech, caucasian pachyodermic, point-missing, new, malleable spaces.

on the other side of the argument - it will refurbish a part of the university already listed for such as part of the 'rolling upgrade' plan, and provide a space for design students to do stuff they used to have to do on corridor walls in east slope.

the woman asked, "what can we put in to make it more creative?" and i said "drugs." she didn't like that idea.

yes. rachel's dinner for us was fun and entertaining. she lives with two women who have a cat - a big, round, tabby cat which will qwuite happily bite you, the naughty thing.

oops! seminar.

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