do it AGAIN.

so Laur and i were watching The Berzerker DVD the other night, while we ate our lovely curry. that Luke - The Berzerker himself - hardly plays or sings a note of the record, and causes his guitarists to nearly dislocate their shoulders trying to play his riffs, which he's sequenced at simply stupid speeds, meanwhile his singing is put in at a slower speed, then time-stretched - well, the whole thing is pretty sick. Luke just seems calmly obsessed for the whole document, seemingly not sleeping, and barely letting his musicians get a wink either. seemingly the Captain Beefheart of bloody-minded-death-speed-core, and all that that entails.

did the shopping (in the piss) yesterday and nearly bought a Zoid - the brachiosaur model. but it was a tenner! and what's with the Co-op selling McSlurry toys anyway? i was still in impulse purchase mood, and bought two of the most gorgeous mugs - big, round, and chocolate-coloured. dinner = parsnip, carrot, and potato mash, with Beano-style sausages.

yesterday i watched the entire first series of Spaced.

i'm not proud.

edit: Keiron Gillen posted this link to KLF's The Manual. enjoy.

edit2: there's a whole new Ergo Phizmiz record to download, i haven't heard it yet, but it's a collection of Velvet Underground covers, so it's going to be great.
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