truth be told? i've been looking at gay porn.
i'm not being ironic. i think it's well good; imagine a site that invites you to take part - it's time to move over to "nymphography" (i'd appreciate it if this made it into the badger, but it's too late now). their "sister" site's even better.
they must know that most of their customers are there to take the piss, but i guess that's why it's viable; does that make it porn again, that they sell themselves out?

i'm a bit pissed (on a pint of guiness, begorahh) and i'm about to send a text which is 'intended' ironically but actually has a very serious undertone and could, accidentally, be taken the right way. it'll probably cause trouble. but it could be so funny.
i'm so paranoid.

(laurenec's right about degrees of amazingness replacing actual adjectives)

i'm not sending it. i've learnt my leeson.

info for jess:
The life of a bee centres on the collection of honey as part of a complex society. Humans remove the honey and replace it with sugar and clip the queen bee's wings to prevent the natural swarming of the bees. With so many alternatives available, vegans choose to avoid this exploitation of the humble bee as well as that of larger animals with whom we can more readily identify.

Honey has been frequently linked with outbreaks of botulism and despite recent attempts to praise it as a source of antioxidants (only about a tenth as much per calorie as fruit) it is a poor source of nutrients, barely above white sugar.
but feel free to make up your own mind.

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