"captain beefheart's not even going to be there!!"

but he's not going to be at electralane either, is he, Beth?

and he wasn't. but they were bloody good. i shouldn't be writing this. i should be on the train home to the parent's wedding function at the george, alstonefield. last exam, woohoo! right. i only came back here to update my mp3 player, look at me. 'nuff. (the campapign against leading vowels continues [nd prml scrm cn fck ff])

last blog for quite some time maybe. so here's my summer schedule:
today: go home
monday or tuesday: come back, brighton time alone. contemplation.
somteime that week, probably saturday: come back to the peaks again.
15th july (approx): fred's wedding.round trip involving bath, somerset, and bristol, and anyone playing at clwb ifor bach.
22 july: leave for indonesia and all that concerns.
22 august: get back, a richer, rounder person.
september: get a fucking job, ya bum. (resits?)
october: come back, brighton. living with jess, laurenec, and possibly joel (jess ain't sure anymore).

i can't get sale of the centuary by sleeper out of my head. no particular reason.

must go now!!

Ffa Cofi Pawb!!

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