good evening, glasgow...

this one is for our record company...

who don't know fuck

a while ago, andyhead and i had the idea of making a classic thom yorke ad-libs website. that quote is worth a fucking internet.
others include -
i only know three chords on the piano
before the first playing of pyramid song, and
this song's called lift. thanks for asking.

you must hear these (the indiana jones ones are better. fonder memories)

sat an exam today (nu?). i was shitting myself, so i had a baked potato with cheese and beans. i'll repeat that, because it's important: i had a jacket potato, with cheese, and, beans. and a somosa. and a ca-puchino flapjack. the exam wasn't too bad.

bannana co:
whoah woah woah woah woah! is this a talk show, or what? i will now start that again, without the fucking french dictionary in the front.
there you are, thom! (hook reference).

what's that all about then eh? looking forward to the one yesterday. it didn't go great and that shattered my confidence. now i'm so confused and i've got a full day to revise for the next one. what's going on? (waves hands in thom yorke 'meeting people is easy' kind of way).
good bye.

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