London Fields Summer Chillout mix

Interesting for me to be doing a mix with a specific direction, but I felt the need for a mix that *doesn't* go mental, and it wasn't hard to do, since everything I've been listening to has *at least some* relaxing stuff on it, although the track by Igorrr might be pushing it.

Heroes of the moment include Euros Childs, who contributes a solo instrumental, plus, as part of Jonny, the 10-minute 'Cave Dance', highlight of their self-titled debut. I don't think Euros has done anything as gorky'sish for years, and the track is hugely reminiscent of their early, Ankst Musik-released, Alan Holmes-produced, early stuff.

We have a track from the Soundbyte's second album from 2007, which I've only just caught up with. Aaron Spectre (AKA Drumcorps) and a surprisingly jeff buckley-esque number from Igorrr from Ad Noiseam records, both from Ad Noiseam records. See guys: label samplers definitely sell records. I wish more people realised that studying labels is a really good way to find more bands you like, and also see the connections between other bands.

Necro Deathmort turn up as ever, as does Clint Mansell's moon soundtrack. Marmaduke Dando is someone i'm very much in love with atm - like the intersection of The Tiger Lillies and Wild Beasts, but just concentrating on writing very good songs.

But the main hero of the mix is Muddy Suzuki. I've been listening to his latest album, 'Head In The Sand' consistently for several months now, and it's such a massive work. I'm thinking, Stevie Wonder levels of genius. I've not shown his rockier side yet, but believe me there's much more to the album than the two proggy, neo-classical works i've put on this one or last mixtape's touching 'keep taking the tablets'. He's got talent, wit, humour, a stack of literary and musical references, and rocks super-hard. Go listen.
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