Payed and Displaid

And another thing about english: words that start out logical but don't have consistent constructions.

Take the phrase, "This is a pay and display car park. Have you paid and displayed?" It winds me up so much that the modification doesn't make sense. There's no need for it.

Likewise: take the word 'Read', as in, to visually process words. the past tense is 'read', pronounced 'red' (the colour). Now take the word 'Lead', as in, to coerce something along. The past tense is 'led'. Now take the metal 'lead', pronounced to rhyme with 'led', and you think: didn't you get these the wrong way round? shouldn't Read and Lead (prn. reed and leed) both past tense to read and lead (prn. red and led), leaving red and led (nouns) to be homonyms? wouldn't that make more sense?

it's not to late to improve our language...
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