Everything crashes now.

My dvd player flips out - crashing when we try to turn off subtitles. My DAW hangs when trying to export a video. Even my delay pedal - analogue modelling and all - became a refusenik the other night, after i'd left it on too long. this has happened in practices too, and me not realising that all the little blighter needed was a power cycle. 'Have you tried turning it off and on again?' should not apply to deterministic audio equipment.

It used to be that a simple tap would mend a t.v. or radio that was wired up a bit faulty - no chance of that with today's printed circuit boards. Our boiler was ruined by a drip of water that killed it's pcb. Every household object now contains a computer, and every computer crashes. I'm not talking millenium bug-type stuff here - I'm talking about basic buffer-overrun type things that stun processors. Everything does it, regardless of whether it needed a brain or not.

Guys: stop putting brains in things that don't need them! Imagine how much perpetual torment they are in.
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