i don't know who to vote for tomorrow. my heart says green, as trumpeted by the groaner, and again, but there was this scary piece that turned me off them a bit. maybe it's selectively quoted, but if they do want to put homoeopathy on the nhs, they clearly don't understand the science that's so important for a truly green world and can only fail. sure, all the parties are flawed, but i'd be afraid to give my heart so gladly to people who believe "when the drugs have been in use for many generations, as with many natural medicines, the need for statutory control is diminished. Measures will therefore be taken to protect the availability of established herbal and homoeopathic remedies, subject to basic safeguards." of course they're safe - they don't do anything.

i had to dig quite deep to find that quote - and ignore plenty of good stuff about acquiring real drugs for the nhs more cheaply, right to die, free dentistry... the damage is really in this lay scientist piece, which the lib dems come out of pretty well. mmm.
anyone got any opinions i can borrow?
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