monster season

godzilla: got about 45 minutes in, and got bored, even though the monster had just showed up and starting munching trains. it didn't seem any more impressive than the mad, dull, hypothesising about dinosaurs under the sea. it came free with the guardian so i thought it was meant to be a classic or something?

jabberwocky - i really really liked this 1977 gilliam, even though it was a bit aimless. m'lady found it completely boring, wheras i loved the cynicism, the vision, the homemade feel to it, and some of the occasional laughs. it was very him, and i like him, so i liked it. it's really misanthropic; michael palin plays his usual fool, surrounded by everyone in the world who hates him, until by chance his fortune changes causing him to be universally adored - it's such a sad film. the girl he loves hates him, until he kills the dragon, and when she finally agrees to marry him - only for his fame and fortune - he is forced into marrying the princess. i love how it rages against the randomness, the unfairness, and the meanness of the world.

the call of cthulhu - fun, jolly attempt at adapting the lovecraft short story in a 1920s style. shame you can't film non-euclidian geometry - r'lyeh didn't look right, but couldn't. it was very brave, DIY, and indie. they managed to extract the racism, but in doing so filmed an all-white cast, which misses the point..?
on a related note - this puts the willies up me. partly because it emenates from lovecraft's placing of r'lyeh.

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