mount batten

so something i find slightly embarrassing happened on sunday at band practice. it was the first full band rehearsal with new bass player alex, meaning i'll have to update the fambly tree. we're aiming for half new songs at our first gig under a different name, and are still open to suggestions, with 'doppler gang' currently leading the pack. so i suggested 'amon göth', because his name sounds metal and tolkienian, like, you know, amon amarth, or amon tobin.

then some smart alec piped up that amon tobin is actually his real name. no, i said, he's named after a mountain in lord of the rings, 'cause it sounds cool. like amon amarth, you know, mount doom.

i checked with the wiki; amon tobin is his birth name. i'm living in a fantasy land, and worse, i think everyone else is too.
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