The side entrance to liverpool street

I arranged to meet rachel for lunch, at 'the side entrance of liverpool st station.
lp st is a tricky one; it should really be called bishopsgate station, as that's actually quite a big road, compared to lp st itself which only runs the length of it's namesake station. I suppose lp st defines it's location better, but it's far too tiny a road to name such a grand station for. Perhaps bethlehem, which it sits on top of, or simply 'spital? I think 'spital station' has a nice ring to it.
so i've always thought of the front entrance as the epic one on bishopsgate. This would make the side entrance the one on lp st. I warn't aware of the other two exits, a tunnel off to the other side and an undercroft leading out to a hideous work of iron and some kind of large circular restaurant, which according to the above definition, would be 'rear'. There must also be some debate as to whether the entrance on lp st, with it's kindertransport memorial, is really the front entrance, in virtue of the station's silly name, if not it's size.

needles to say, rachel and i had different conceptions of what constituted the 'side' entrance
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